Regrets,  we all have a few (you can get a song out of that).  I don’t know about you but I am forever saying ‘hindsight is a wonderful thing’ and it really is if we use it as an opportunity to learn.  I should admit that I don’t always take that opportunity #practicewhatyoupreachcat!  So here’s one of my main regrets, I regret not taking more interest in making my wedding day unique & memorable.  It took a while but I did get something from this particular hindsight. 

Own It Girlfriend!

These days people are striving for something unique, quirky and memorable .  Whether shy or out going we all have that that urge to impress & why shouldn’t you?!   I mean, its going to be a huge highlight of your life, you want to share it with everyone, its your day, your ‘its all about me’ big moment.  It has to be perfect (go on, admit it, you started singing there 😉)  I digress!  This is where I love to help out!  I get it, you don’t want the usual balloons & disposable camera in the middle of the table.  I want to help you ‘own’ the day, make it personal, something that resonates with you.    

“Did You Taste Those Favours?” 

What do most guests remember and talk about when all the canapes have been scoffed and the last of the champagne has been drunk.?  Yep, any unique, stand alone moments and the food.  So give them something to talk about, allow them to celebrate your love story in flavour and chocolate which they can take home and savour.

& “What About That Love Story?!”

When you entrust one of your most treasured moments to me to be captured in flavours and chocolate you are sharing a part of you and your partners life together that you want to celebrate.  Yes, I could just do some research and design your flavour.  Yes, it would be unique to you but I like to go a bit further.  The concept of telling your story in chocolate is a joyous celebration and an opportunity to share it with your guests.  H’evans Truffles gives you a note which can be shared at each table for the guests to read. The story of how the favours and their flavour were inspired by a true story, your story!

How Did ‘Your Story in Chocolate’ Come about?

The light bulb moment came shortly after I rashly promised my cousin that I would make her wedding cake.  She got married in Italy (an amazing weekend, thanks BB). Of course not everyone could go so we organised a ‘hoolie’ for everyone back home, another reception and another fabulous party.  I was going to make this amazing for her, it would be about her!  Creative juices started flowing, cue notebooks & idea overwhelm!   

needed to pick a theme & run with it.   What was memorable about the big day?  Obviously,  Italy wasn’t run of the mill but there was more.  Barbara had worn the most amazing shoes with the highest heels I’d seen in my life.  She had been adamant from day one that the flowers would be hydrangeas.  That wamy angle, the uniquely personal theme!  I spent weeks planning & making & the out come was a hydrangea themed 2 tiered cake with Italian buttercream filling and a high heel fondant shoe on top of it.  The same shade of blue as her spectacular shoes & all decorated with blue and green edible gum paste hydrangeas.  More hydrangea petals were strewn around the table.  Simple, elegant & most importantly, totally Barbara!  Not only did people remember the day but one guest actually took the shoe & kept it on display, it’s just a shame that gum paste does eventually dry out & colours fade in direct sunlight, but 3 years later its still standing. 

A short time later I decided I wanted to try working with chocolate and the concept of what I intially called ‘Emotionally Bespoke’ now lovingly referred to as ‘Your Story in Chocolate and Flavour’ was born!

A chocolate bowl of H’evans Truffles handcrafted chocolates or a fondant flower can make a fantastic table display & I knew that was only the beginning ….  

Back to Hindsight

Okay, in hindsight it would have been great if I had been able to make my own unique wedding favours to share mine and my partners life together, but I didn’t.   I can genuinely say, we had an amazing and intimate wedding day.  We were married from my family home,  I descended the stairs (terrified I was going to trip and land in a heap on my dad who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs) We moved on to the patio, until the rain made an appearance and we adopted plan B, the living room infront of the fireplace.   The Maid of Honour read a passage from Pride and Prejudice and I got my now husbands name wrong (true story).

More importantly, in hindsight I realise that everyone has a story, the fabric of their lives are entwined together and the wedding day itself makes for beautiful story in flavour.   As we go through life together we constantly make memories, shaping and reshaping our stories and I hope to share my own wedding day memories to mark one of the Big anniversarys some day.

So how can I help you make your day even more special?   Will it be your wedding day or maybe it’s your anniversary?  What will resonate with you & only you?  Drop me a comment below, jump back onto H’evans Truffles main site, or head over to H’evans Truffles on Facebook and let me know.  xcat  

#itsallaboutyou (last chance for a sing song).   

H’evans Truffles  

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