What are your thoughts?
Personally I’m a fan of the nifty 50, explanation en route!
So, I’ve told you why H’evans Truffles in my last blog, here’s a bit about me.
I’ve been self employed for just over a year and I don’t think I could have made much more of a career change! At 46 (not quite ‘nifty’ 50 yet but hopefully there is another complimentary adjective for that) I have gone from 10 years in child care, another 8 working in the classroom, a few years of rubbish (I won’t bore you with the details) before finally realising I should be indulging in my new found passion, chocolate, not changing nappies or taking attitude from year 7 children or as I affectionately like to call them (internally!) raging bags of hormones.
When it comes to the numbers I’ll go with ‘nifty’ fifty, simply because I’m not 50, yet! Maybe this will change in latter years but I’ll not wish the years away just to find out….imagine, wishing all that sexy chocolate time away?! What a waste, just the thought….!
As I’m sure you have guessed, given that I’m a chocolatier, I am not about to lecture you on how to look good at 50, 60 or 70! No, although in the world of chocolate, there is a world of difference between 50, 60 and 70 for me.
In my experience a 60% + chocolate is incredibly bitter, acrid even as the percentage rises. I’m pretty sure this isn’t reflected in the age of the consumer! With a high percentage chocolates natural flavour from the country of origin becomes lost so it stands to reason that flavour infusions will be overpowered by the cacao. I would like to mark it clear, I am not dictating what chocolate you should be eating, this is my humble option and what I know works in ‘little halos of happiness’.
So back to the question, 50, 60 or 70? and the reason for my personal preference. When I work with chocolate I like to use a variety of flavours and I like to be able to taste them. A 60 or 70% chocolate smothers any pomegranate, suffocates mango although you can still get a hint of coconut or a zing of lime. If the chocolate is 50% the raspberry and balsamic or pear and gin come through, flavours aren’t ‘muffled’.
So, on this all important issue where do you stand?
Back to age, I will stick with ‘nifty’ fifty, move on to sultry 60 and aspire to smooth 70 (I am aware these aspirations are highly unrealistic!) That said, I am rather hopeful that I won’t look too shabby whatever my age. Whilst years are kind weekends can be positively harsh!