I was asked the other day what was so good about H’evans Truffles? I admit that this stopped me in my tracks for a minute – (it doesn’t come naturally to many of us to ‘blow our own trumpet’!). So after a brief ‘um, ah’ moment I awkwardly ‘admitted’ how insanely good they are, (although I couldn’t bring myself to say those exact words……but hand on heart that has been an instant reaction to the red wine & chilli truffle).
So I answered, “when you buy H’evans Truffles you buy quality, a smooth velvety texture, opulence, decadence & passion”.
… Yes, passion – because that’s what these ‘little halos of happiness’ are born from. ….. & basically, they are a very good reason to be bad!
Northern Ireland as a region is starting to take a lead on artisan food & drink products & at H’evans Truffles we are also immensely proud of what we produce because we put our heart and soul into every last mouthful!
So I suppose that’s the answer to a very good question.
None of us want to pay for substandard so no matter what you choose from a unique, ever-evolving range of H’evans Truffles I guarantee opulence, decadence, quality, an experience for the senses! From the moment you open that bag or box, (and that delicious aroma of chocolate hits you!), to the sensation of smooth textures and flavours rolling over your tongue, (delighting your taste buds), right down to that last melting moment when you savour the residual flavours before they ebb away.
No it doesn’t come naturally to me to blow my own trumpet but every now and then I really need people to know how and why I am so proud of my product!