Hello, I’m Catriona Briggs Evans aka H’evans Truffles. As a 45 year old mum of 2 boys and wife, life can be hectic but when I found myself out of work due to cancer I had a fair amount of time on my hands for a change.


I own 2 cats and a dog although it sometimes feels more like they own me, and whilst I love being with them it just isn’t enough to fill the day!  So, my creative side kicked in and I discovered baking and chocolate to be more than just a hobby. It is a far cry from my previous role as a classroom assistant, but I have fallen in love with working with chocolate. H’evans Truffles started as a hobby, maybe even a time filler but now it is my silver lining to being ill.


I am most definitely a small-town gal these days and love living by the sea in the tight knit community of Whitehead. I’ve done my stint of living in town and being out on the tiles, yes, I’m a lot more settled nowadays!


H’evans Truffles is all about what you want, the flavour you want, the packaging you want, the colour you want. From the outset I wanted everything to be tailored to your needs and desires, for you to have the most amazing client experience.