Hello lurvelys, how are we?  ‘Fabulous’ you say?  I am glad to hear it!!!

At H’evans Truffles I am all geared up for Spring, planning flavours for Summer and trying not to eat all the ingredients never mind produce.

What is it they say about March?  In like a lion, out like a lamb?  Well Mother nature obliged, Storm Freya and Storm Gerald hit and provided the perfect time to sit indoors, researching flavours and making chocolates and chocolate tortes.  The torte had been requested for a family night out and as it is one of my favourites, I was only too happy to oblige.  Wouldn’t you know, that was the evening I had committed to speaking at ‘The Heart of Gold’ so I had to miss out.   I actually felt really good about talking despite nerves!  I wanted to use my own experiences of cancer and depression to help others who face adversity and was delighted that I did!  I would encourage anyone to participate in or attend this event to celebrate all those people who go above and beyond for others but are rarely, if ever acknowledged.

So, that’s my news in a nutshell.

Of course, the other special thing about March is Mother’s Day!  I know it has become very commercialised, but the meaning is the same, the opportunity to celebrate mothers everywhere.  Whether biological or not, it is a role and isn’t always easy!

In the interests of fairness, I want it to go on record that I think the same about Father’s Day!

Where did it all start?  I had a rummage through Wikipedia to find out.

In 1905 Anna Jarvis pushed for Mother’s Day to be recognised as a holiday in the United States but in 1908 US Congress laughingly rejected the proposal claiming if it went ahead, they would end up having to make a national ‘Mother-In Law’ Day. (No bad thing to my mind but that’s just my opinion).

Despite the opposition Anna continued crusading to have the day recognised to honour both her mother, Anne Reeves Jarvis, who passed in 1905 and mothers everywhere.  In 2014 a proclamation was signed by Woodrow Wilson declaring Mother’s Day a recognised national holiday and by 1911 all the US states were celebrating Mother’s Day as a national holiday. *

I must admit, before writing this article I never thought about the origins of the celebration and hadn’t for one-minute thought it was so deeply rooted in history.  We learn something every day!  There was a huge section of Wikipedia dedicated to it but I have kept the facts to a bare minimum.

Anyway, thanks to Annas perseverance we celebrate mothers everywhere on this special day.  That said, Anna was said to have been rather annoyed by how commercial it became and fought against it but in the end conceded saying “Where it will end must be left for the future to tell. That it will girdle the globe seems now certain.”

Now, every year nursery and classroom assistants along with so many others put on their creative thinking caps and encourage our children to lovingly craft a gift to thank their mothers for being so amazing.

Obviously, I have the best mum in the world……………Is there a person alive who doesn’t think so?!

She even kept a polystyrene egg carton (I know, not terribly eco-friendly but I was a 70s baby) with a pipe cleaner and tissue paper flower stuck inside it with blue-tac for over 10 years.

Occasionally she spritzed it with Anais Anais, her favourite perfume, just to freshen it up.  As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before a spritz of perfume just wasn’t cutting it and the flower looked wilted and ever so slightly faded.  Well to be brutally honest it was discoloured, covered in dust and would have been condemned to the bin by anyone other than a mother (my mother).

A rather scratchy, extremely glittery pipe cleaner bracelet adorned with plastic beads sits beside my bed.  I have explained to my youngest that I can’t wear it, it’s too small for my wrist.  He’s happy with that but if it disappeared, I know he would not be amused.

As for the star shaped, cardboard box, covered in glitter and a photo of the wee guy on it, it’s now a jewellery box.  It has seen better days, but it’ll be my jewellery box for a long time yet.  I know this because occasionally he comes and checks it is still there!  I won’t embarrass my son by announcing that he sometimes tries the rings and bracelets on…….only mention it in passing!

Last week my eldest boy, Jack, came home from youth club (I’m all proud of him, he’s volunteering there as part of his Duke of Edinburgh) and gave me a plastic badge he had made with the kids.  It said, ‘Happy Mothers Day, I love you more than anything’.  When my heart finished melting I hardly had the heart to tell him he was slightly early!

What would mum and I rather of had?  Well of course we say there’s nothing we would want more than a handmade gift from our beloved children but in truth a box of chocolates would have hit the spot.  It might not have lasted quite so long but it would have been eaten and enjoyed and chances are the boys would have guilted me into sharing, win win.

So, what is a guilty pleasure?  Keeping something that your child gave you and declaring how much you love it even though by all rights it should be in the bin or scoffing an entire box of chocolates?

Me? Well I’m a mum so, if a white lie is required or we omit the whole truth so be it, but that child will not know I would rather savour a box of chocolates than wear a scratchy pipe cleaner bracelet or a plastic badge!

I’ll ask you a favour now.  If you are lucky enough to meet either of my boys, hint at the fact that a box of chocolates is the way to go!

I mean, I love them both with all my heart and more and when they say ‘love you’, we have a fake argument of who loves who most (that’s one thing I treasure more than anything, even more than my sparkly bracelet or star jewellery box) BUT although I will never ever reject a gift of any sort that they give me, I would kindda like a bit of an indulgent, luxury gift occasionally.  Don’t we all?

Which of the Mother’s Day present have you guilted your mum into keeping?

I asked a few friends in my local coffee shop what handmade gifts they had given or received that had stuck in their memory.  One of my favourites was a painted stone saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day. You Rock!’  Only a child can pull of a joke like that and not be rewarded with tumbleweeds.  The gift that made me laugh most was one my husband gave to his mum.  He had made an ash tray in school and proudly presented it to his ‘non smoker’ mother.  It still sits on her dresser and normally has a few sweets in it for when the hoardes, I mean grandchildren, descend.

So, what have you gotten your mum this year?   Please tell me you aren’t going for fore-court flowers. Your mother is the most important person in your life!  What is your favourite Mother’s Day gift you have given or received?  Let me know in the comments.

No matter what you receive or give I know the gift will be loved because it is given with a child’s pure love.  No matter what our ages, we are our mothers’ children, biologically, adopted, it doesn’t make any difference… love is pure and will always be the best gift.

But come on, when it’s H’evans Truffles, chocolate is a serious contender!

Pop over to hevanstruffles.co.uk and I promise the luxury chocolate gift box you can order to be delivered to her door will be appreciated and savoured!!!

Lots of lurve

Cat x


*All content factually correct as gathered from Wikipedia, 20-3-19.